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Who is Tim McNeely?
Many driven dental entrepreneurs are wasting time relying on ordinary advice from ordinary advisors.

I help you implement lessons from the Super-Rich so you reclaim your time and live an amazing life of significance. 

But it all started when I married a dentist...
My friends tell me what I do is boring....But why I do what I do, well, thats far more interesting. Here is the story of how a dentist changed my life.
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Dental Wealth Nation
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Inside, you'll find:

✅ Proven strategies tailored for dentists
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✅ Expert advice to assemble the right team and simplify your life

Why just survive when you can thrive? 💪💸

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Free: Becoming Seriously Wealthy
Becoming Seriously Wealth FREE Book Offer
I'm excited to announce the publication of a new book, Becoming Seriously Wealthy, which provides valuable insights into the strategies used by the Super Rich—people with $500 million or more—as well as successful business owners like you. The authors invited me to contribute the foreword to a special edition of the book, and I would be delighted to present you with a FREE copy.

You will find that the book will give you a great perspective on some of the advanced planning strategies that can help you achieve your most important goals.  
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You Are Invited to Join Me for Office Hours

The world is complex and sometimes all you want is a quick conversation.  You are invited to grab a time on my calendar to chat about whatever is on your mind.

Proud to Be in Bakersfield.  Serving Business Leaders and Driven Dental Entrepreneurs Nationwide
Timothy J McNeely CFP, CIMA
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